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Application Process

The first steps in your new career.

Step 1: Online Registration (Free)

Click on the “Registration” button below, and register your resume online by filling in all required items. Once the registration process is complete, you will receive a confirmation e-mail at your registered e-mail address. *Regarding information security, we will never disclose your registered personal information to anyone without your permission.

Step 2:  Job Search

Once registered, you will receive a user ID and password to log into your personal account. You may then view detailed job listings and other information online. To apply for any job, simply click the “APPLY” button on the upper left side. If it seems to be a good match for both you and the client, one of TAKUMI job’s HR consultants will contact you.

Step 3:  Matched Job Information from TAKUMI

If you can't find jobs that meet your criteria, TAKUMI job's trained HR consultants will conduct the search for you. They will find an appropriate match for your skills, needs, and abilities.

Step 4:  Job Information Details and Interviews

When both the needs of you and employer match, TAKUMI job’s HR consultants will offer you more detailed information on the client and the position. We will forward your resume to our client only if it is a strong match and with your permission. We will schedule interviews once the employer expresses desire in your skillset. Of course, our consultants provide you with valuable, personalized follow-up services, such as career advice, hints on sharpening interview skills, resume restructuring, and feedback regarding your resume or interviews.

Step 5:  Employment and Contract Negotiation

Our HR consultants will notify you if there is a job offer. We also notify the employer of your decision. After you are informally assured employment, TAKUMI job staff supports you in various situations including contract negotiations with future employers.